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Why You May Need the Services of A Professional Home Organiser

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Living in or being constantly surrounded by mess can make anyone’s gut wrench. Being surrounded by obvious rubbish is one thing. It’s another thing to be surrounded by mess when it is your own personal belongings.

This is known as clutter. Clutter is anything from junk mail and old bills to clothing and old DVDs. It can be absolutely anything that doesn’t add any value to your life, the people living with you or the property.

Clutter can bring stress into your life. This can be because a home that is cluttered makes it harder for you to get around the house. It can also be a struggle trying to find small objects like your keys, phone or paperwork when you need it. Not to mention, it makes looking for things ten times longer than it needs to be.

Is Clutter Normal?

professional home organiserA little bit of mess or disorganisation is normal. No house is meant to look like an IKEA showroom. Most people will say a lived in home looks more cosy. However, clutter does become a problem when it becomes too much for you to handle. If you keep putting off decluttering your home, then the clutter is probably out of hand.

Another aspect of clutter building up is hoarding. Hoarding is a serious medical disorder that affects some people. It means that those who hoard have a hard time getting rid of their clutter because in their head, it has some value or they may be holding onto it with the mindset that it will be handy one day. Often times, this is not the case and a small hoarding problem can quickly become a big one.

The disadvantages to living in a cluttered space far outweigh the positive. In fact, there is no benefit to clutter apart from having a lot of things, but even then, you may not even need half the clutter you have or use it in your lifetime, so it might as well go.

Negative effects of clutter include:

  • Adds stress to any situation
  • Makes it difficult to find things
  • You forget where you put things
  • Nothing has a place in your home
  • Can be a fire hazard
  • Long-lived clutter can be a magnet for dust, bugs and mold
  • Discourages you from organising your home

Call A Professional Organiser and Declutterer

A professional service such as those that a professional home organiser can offer is the perfect solution to cluttered homes in London. If you need help with organisation, contact a decluttering company today.

Small Business Website Design

90% of our work is done for small businesses

If you look at our Work, you will notice, that 90% of our design projects are specifically tailored to small businesses and their websites. The combined experience of our team is the perfect blend of programming / design / user interface design (UI) and usability which attracts new clients on a constant basis!

Our clients are normally family-run businesses or small teams, start-ups, development teams, coaches, trainers, beauty salons, e-commerce sites – the kinds that don’t have a large budget to start with, but still need great, attractive design to help them grow at a steady pace and attract new customers.


Can you afford a small business website design and how much would it cost?

It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small – we don’t charge based on your purchasing abilities, but rather based on the requirements for design / functionality you might have.

For example: your small business needs just a few presentational pages with a few images and a contact form – obviously that is going to be really cheap, compared to a whole social network built from scratch, right? And you are most probably in the small business category. Just ask us for a free quote – we’ll do our best to give you a fair, competitive price! Also, if any of our competitors offers similar quality and a similar offer for the same functionality, but with a lower price – we’re ready to match it, just to have you as our client!

Are you a start-up?

We treat start-ups with special care and will give you a significant discount off our service if you contact us and share your business idea! Of course, you will need to comply to the definition of a start-up to apply for the discount. In any way, you should give it a shot! We have helped lots of starting businesses get off the ground – and we can help you with lots of things besides the design – SEO, marketing, etc – so don’t be shy and shoot us a message!

  • Our Small Business Website Design Package includes:
  • Website address (domain name)
  • One years high-performance web hosting
  • Custom website design
  • UNLIMITED number of web pages!
  • A contact form with spam protection
  • Five e-mail addresses
  • Basic SEO
  • Submission of your website to Google
  • Free updates for one month
  • All our websites include a CMS! (a Content Management System)
  • Prices start at £330!