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What Are The Buy-To-Let Costs To Consider For Investment?

Being a landlord is more than just getting a rental income at the end of each month. At a distance, a buy-to-let property looks like a fruitful investment with high rental yields and a high return per annum. This is true for a lot of locations within the UK, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t risks you need to consider. One of those risks is the cost of running a buy-to-let.

Property investment comes with an excellent passive income, but you also need to consider the expenses that come with owning a buy-to-let property.

A study done by specialist buy-to-let company, Platinum Property Partners, found that around ‘1 in 8 landlords fail to consider any additional costs when calculating the profitability of their property portfolio’. On top of this, more than half of landlords don’t take into account the repair and maintenance costs according to this research.

Because of this a report by Platinum Property Partners believes that many landlords and property investors are overestimating their returns by up to 50%. The most accurate way of estimating the performance for your buy-to-let investment is by using ‘return on investment’ or ‘return on equity’. These methods of calculating profits take into account the gross profit, capital gain, and the additional costs of operating the property for as long as the lease requires. This also includes the amount you spend on refurbishing the property.

Another cost factor is void periods. Void periods happen when the property is empty in between tenants. Platinum Property Partners suggested that in a period of 1 year up to 60% of landlords will experience void periods, however only 12% of those landlords consider this when calculating returns.

buy to let costs

The study concluded that landlords the total average annual cost for unaccounted costs of owning a buy-to-let is £8,359. The study listed the main factors that landlords fail to consider along with the percentage of landlords who experience the costs, the percentage of those who fail to consider them, and the average annual cost per property. It showed the following results:

  1. Repairs – 90% incur the costs, 52% don’t take them into account, costs £376 per property
  2. Letting and management – 77% incur the costs, 63% don’t take them into account, costs £438 per property
  3. Refurbishment – 77% incur the costs, 73% don’t take them into account, costs £392 per property
  4. Letting agent finder fees – 76% incur the costs, 66% don’t take them into account, costs £230 per property
  5. Exterior maintenance – 72% incur the costs, 80% don’t take them into account, costs £259 per property
  6. Maintenance fees – 67% incur the costs, 81% don’t take them into account, costs £506 per property
  7. Cleaning costs – 66% incur the costs, 85% don’t take them into account, costs £206 per property
  8. Service charges – 66% incur the costs, 83% don’t take them into account, costs £500 per property
  9. Mortgage interest – 66% incur the costs, 80% don’t take them into account, costs £1,343 per property
  10. Advertising fees to let – 6% incur the costs, 87% don’t take them into account, costs £177 per property
  11. Other costs – £3,933 per property

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Building Contractors in Manchester

A. Oxley & Son Building Contractors Ltd

Builders in Manchester
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All construction contractors working in Manchester that take an employee’s compensation or a liability insurance coverage know these insurance programs are subject to an audit. What few contractors understand is they’ve the capability to stack the deck from their favor with regards to that audit. What builders understand is they’ve the capability to stack the deck from their favor to that audit with regards. This may mean money in a pocket if you are a construction contractor, as a number of the audit process is subjective.

Here are 5 suggestions that will put you to insurance audits that are successful. If you make their task easier and grease the path for them, then they’re much more prone to cut some slack from the audit process to you and this may end up saving you a ton of money. Until they’ve supplied a certificate of insurance to you, do not let any subcontractors to your job site. Over that, make sure That the limitations on their liability insurance coverage are equal to your own policy limitations that are very. Whether you have a workers compensation policy, make sure their certification shows that they’ve one too.

Manchester builder

Last check the policy, of all dates on the certificate to Be Sure they’re active and current. Put copies of any of those certs in your audit file. In case the auditor shows up at your workplace and you do not have your certs ready, he’ll charge you for the subcontractor’s payroll and leave it up to you to fix it later. Typically, fixing it later takes a lot more of a time. Firstly, take the time with an agent to understand all the classifications on your liability insurance contract and your workers compensation insurance contract. Make certain you understand the nuances of every class code and that your coverage is set up correctly.

If you’re going to fudge the gray area between two comparable classifications, understand that you may not let it past the auditor and you must have funds ready should you fail. Once you’ve done your job on your classifications, set up a spreadsheet to dump the payroll to each employee every week into the correct classification. You may want to keep a spread sheet for the workers compensation and the liability insurance policies. Manchester builders such as A Oxley & Son are professional, safe and insured. This will put your mind at ease when choosing them as your Manchester builder.

How CCTV Drain Surveys Are Used For Drain Excavation

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A CCTV drain surveyor is a professional drain expert who carries out an investigation and examination of drain pipes and water sewage systems. CCTV drain surveys are essential when moving into a brand new property to figure out where the layout of drains is on your property. You will be responsible for your private drain (outside your property), and a water utilities company is in charge of public drains (outside of your property’s premises).

Anyone who lives in an older home in a place that has a lot of vegetation likely knows that tree roots can enter your primary sewer drain and cause havoc with blockages, clogs and even breaks. Whenever you eliminate tree roots from your drain you aren’t only helping to avoid sewer clogs, you’re also doing preventative basement waterproofing. A clean, nicely maintained floor drain is actually of the very best things you might do to prevent flood in your home. Many people associate basement watertight with base work, and while that’s definitely the most significant part it, it is not the only thing you might do to stop a flood from happening.

drain survey

The truth is that the best watertight system may fail in an exceedingly bad rainy season, and you need of having other measures in place to make certain your house does not experience water damage if humidity gets through your base. That’s where a clear, open cellar floor drain comes into play. By giving a means for water to escape the cellar, the floor drain is the best protection against unavoidable flooding. In the event your primary sewer line is clogged or blocked with tree roots then your cellar is in danger of sustaining significant water damage. If you have ever experienced issues with roots in your exhaust in the past, then it is a wise idea in order in order in order to have them professionally cleaned at least once a year. Roots grow back rapidly, particularly in areas with lots of precipitation, and your drain could be getting dangerously close to blocking again without your knowledge. Most professional basement waterproof, drain cleaning and hydraulic companies have the proper equipment to cut on tree roots out of the drains.

If you need to get your drains surveyed to find any potential damages, get in touch with a drain CCTV survey company.

Basement Waterproofing Solutions For London Homeowners

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Testimonials From UHM Basements Clients

Flooding is a major problem for homeowners. Even though your cellar may be constructed, without being waterproof it is useless. To a London homeowner your basement might initially seem expensive and maybe even pointless, bear in mind that in most cases, repairing harm and damage caused by water will cost more than a waterproof service on your basement in the first place. Standard insurance plans don’t always cover basement flooding. Bear in mind that typically, repairing damages may cost more than a waterproofing service for your basement. Nevertheless, a basement waterproofing service is essential in making your basement habitable and sturdy over the coming decades. Buying coverage insurance against flooding ought to be thought about, if you live in a high risk Region for flooding. Maintain a detailed inventory of the contents of the residence and take photographs of the rooms since it’ll prove valuable in the case of water leak or a flood.

Make sure that your insurance plans and records are in a safe location and available should the worst occur. Surprisingly enough, many home foundations aren’t waterproofed. Home owners May keep their valuables store in the cellar, which is the first part of a home. In a basement the ground and foundation around the basement walls will cause dampness since it absorbs water. Moisture won’t be only prevented by waterproof, but will also shield your home’s foundation in addition to an essential measure in preventing water damage that is severe. Basement waterproofing is not recommended as a project you can do as a DIY. Preferably, basement waterproofing London should be done throughout the construction stage when your basement is first being converted.


A common foundation waterproof method utilised by home owners is the application of black tar, however, it isn’t recommended as it’s a short term solution. It’ll dry out, crack and allows penetration within five to 8 years. Tar can be effective since a damp proofing method, but it’s not recommended as waterproof material. In case you do choose a do-it yourself waterproof method, opt for the application of a rubberized liquid membrane, which is basically the exact same material that automobile tires are made of. The liquid membrane is fast dry, inexpensive and usually easy to apply with a roller, sprayer or trowel.

Particular attention should be paid to consistency throughout the application. Mold is a good indication that a cellar has leaks or condensation problems. If mold exists in your home, your basement may have cracks in the walls or the floor, improperly installed or a lack of footer tiles, leaks from sweating basement pipes and/or basement windows. Black mold grows where there’s dampness or water harm and is considered a serious health concern.

Hiring The Services of a Motorbike Delivery Company

Safeways Car Delivery
Vehicle Transport Across the UK
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If you have just bought or sold a motorbike in Essex and need it to be transported to a location but do not have the time or equipment, you may be in need of the services of a good, solid, and experienced motorbike delivery company. This is simply because you are most likely in a location that isn’t local to the sender and may not have the time to delivery or collect the motorbike yourself.

The best thing that you can do at this point is to seek the services of a good motorbike delivery company, one who has the experience and knowledge that will guarantee quality service.

It is possible that this accident could affect the way that you life for the rest of your life, and you have every right to seek redress because of this fact. You may incur gigantic medical bills, and they may stretch out too, as not all medical conditions from accidents are immediately healed.

You will probably need a new vehicle, or at least have the one you had in the accident repaired, and you may have to go through physical therapy and rehabilitation due to injuries. It may be the case too, that you have lost wages because you have been unable to work due to the time that it takes to recover from your injuries, and it is possible that you may become permanently disabled because of this accident.


Just as soon as the accident was over, everyone who was involved is in a new plane, that of legalville. Now every outcome from this accident is going to have to go through a legal sifter in order to determine who was at fault and who pays who.

Your lawyer will have the experience to thoroughly investigate the evidence through police reports, eyewitness testimony, public records, municipal records, and other types of information, so that he will have the facts necessary to prove your case.

The players are your attorney and the insurance company of the individual who allegedly caused the accident that injured you. If the insurance company sees that your attorney has compelling facts that overrule the facts that they have on the case, they will be more inclined to pay you the amount that your attorney is asking. At that point they would rather do that, than go to court and lose anyway, and still have to pay court costs and spend all of the time and money in that venue.

When Does The Automatic Enrolment Law Come Into Action?

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The UK Automatic Enrolment Retirement Plan

In 2008, the UK initiated legislation that make possible an automatic enrolment retirement and pension programs for all eligible employees. Under the Pension Act of 2008, all employers are required to implement the scheme so that eligible employees will have sufficient money set aside to assist them when they retire.

It was determined that the population as a whole was not taking their retirement needs seriously enough to have adequate funds available when they retire. Given the fact that most people do live until retirement time, and the are tending to live much longer too.

No matter how large or how small, if a business employs anyone whether it is just one employee or thousands, they are required to participate in this act. The total required contribution is a minimum of 2% of wages in which the employer must contribute a minimum of at lease 1%.

The automatic enrolment factor makes the process more likely to create the desired results, as people are forced by the legislation to at least do something for themselves in this endeavor. The response from the public has been very favorable, especially from employees since the employer is kicking in at least 1% of their wages. Of course, the employer can contribute more than that amount if he or she wishes.

Employers were given staging dates starting, starting with April 1, 2012 when the time to start their plans began. This date was for existing employers, and those that are just going into business are given their staging dates accordingly.

automatic enrolment

Other duties include an accurate system for keeping records of who is participating among the employees, the percentages of contribution, the amounts contributed and the dates. This is to simply have a record so that if there are any problems or disputes that occur, the record can be referred to.

Employers are given PAYE reference numbers for the purpose of identification and ongoing ease of compliance. If an employer does not comply or does not participate in the plan, there are fines and penalties to ensure that it is done, and if that becomes an ongoing problem, the a court date is the answer.

The vast number of employers do want to do the right thing, and in most cases where there is no participation it is simply a matter of misunderstanding. The objective is to help employers work things out if they do not quite “get it” and to provide any assistance that is needed.

There is ample information of the government website along with a step-by-step walk through from beginning to end. This is a very well defined guide that anyone can follow in order to set up their scheme and come into compliance with the Act.

It is a comforting feeling for employees in knowing that there is a plan in place for them to systematically set aside money for their later years. Employees have a real advantage in the matter too, since there is employer money going into their account, it is especially attractive. Contact an accountant in Essex for more professional advice.


Why You May Need the Services of A Professional Home Organiser

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Living in or being constantly surrounded by mess can make anyone’s gut wrench. Being surrounded by obvious rubbish is one thing. It’s another thing to be surrounded by mess when it is your own personal belongings.

This is known as clutter. Clutter is anything from junk mail and old bills to clothing and old DVDs. It can be absolutely anything that doesn’t add any value to your life, the people living with you or the property.

Clutter can bring stress into your life. This can be because a home that is cluttered makes it harder for you to get around the house. It can also be a struggle trying to find small objects like your keys, phone or paperwork when you need it. Not to mention, it makes looking for things ten times longer than it needs to be.

Is Clutter Normal?

professional home organiserA little bit of mess or disorganisation is normal. No house is meant to look like an IKEA showroom. Most people will say a lived in home looks more cosy. However, clutter does become a problem when it becomes too much for you to handle. If you keep putting off decluttering your home, then the clutter is probably out of hand.

Another aspect of clutter building up is hoarding. Hoarding is a serious medical disorder that affects some people. It means that those who hoard have a hard time getting rid of their clutter because in their head, it has some value or they may be holding onto it with the mindset that it will be handy one day. Often times, this is not the case and a small hoarding problem can quickly become a big one.

The disadvantages to living in a cluttered space far outweigh the positive. In fact, there is no benefit to clutter apart from having a lot of things, but even then, you may not even need half the clutter you have or use it in your lifetime, so it might as well go.

Negative effects of clutter include:

  • Adds stress to any situation
  • Makes it difficult to find things
  • You forget where you put things
  • Nothing has a place in your home
  • Can be a fire hazard
  • Long-lived clutter can be a magnet for dust, bugs and mold
  • Discourages you from organising your home

Call A Professional Organiser and Declutterer

A professional service such as those that a professional home organiser can offer is the perfect solution to cluttered homes in London. If you need help with organisation, contact a decluttering company today.

The Advantages Of Using A Local Accounting Service

Royds Accountancy

Accountants in Eltham
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Accounting firms are increasingly becoming automated systems devoid of human appeal. For this reason, getting personalized and trustworthy accounting services is becoming more and more difficult by the day. However, using a local accounting service can help solve some of the problems associated with automated accounting services that are being offered by big accounting firms. If you are a business person, the advantages of using a local accounting service are quite many, and include the following:


By opting to use the services of a local accounting firm, you will be saving a lot of your time because the firm’s offices are located within a short distance from your business premises and you can speak to them face to face any time , if need be. In addition, should any accounting emergency arise, it is possible to visit the accountant and sort the matter out within a short period of time. You don’t have to rely on the telephone to explain your problem, and in addition, you may be required to visit the accountant’s office which may be far away from your business location. This could cost you a lot of your time.


Smaller accounting firms are known to offer more competitive rates for their services so that they can compete with larger accounting firms. Essentially, choosing a smaller local accounting firm for your business can help keep costs down.

-Personalized Services

Smaller accounting firms are associated with the ability to create personal relationships with their clients. This is because you are dealing a specific individual within the firm, meaning that you can easily form a personal relationship with him or her.


As a matter of fact, trusting you finances and other business-related information to strangers can be quite risky. Dealing with a local accountant is a better option when it comes to trust issues. A local accounting firm is well known within the community and because of this, you can know exactly know what to expect from the firm through recommendations and referrals from local business people. In this way, you can get a trustworthy firm of accountants.
accounting service

-Local Accountants are More Approachable

The ability to approach your accountant and establishing a friendly working relationship is very important. It is very essential to get along smoothly with your accountant because you can enjoy better services. In addition, a smaller local accounting service is more likely to work harder in order to keep a client when compared to a large accounting firm. This is because the effect of losing a single client may have a large impact on the business in case of a local accounting service. For this reason, a local accounting services will always try its best to offer better service to its clients.


For smaller businesses, the services of a local accounting service in London are more ideal when compared to the services offered by larger accounting firms. This is because local accounting services are more approachable and conveniently located. They also offer more personalized services and are also more trustworthy.

Small Business Website Design

90% of our work is done for small businesses

If you look at our Work, you will notice, that 90% of our design projects are specifically tailored to small businesses and their websites. The combined experience of our team is the perfect blend of programming / design / user interface design (UI) and usability which attracts new clients on a constant basis!

Our clients are normally family-run businesses or small teams, start-ups, development teams, coaches, trainers, beauty salons, e-commerce sites – the kinds that don’t have a large budget to start with, but still need great, attractive design to help them grow at a steady pace and attract new customers.


Can you afford a small business website design and how much would it cost?

It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small – we don’t charge based on your purchasing abilities, but rather based on the requirements for design / functionality you might have.

For example: your small business needs just a few presentational pages with a few images and a contact form – obviously that is going to be really cheap, compared to a whole social network built from scratch, right? And you are most probably in the small business category. Just ask us for a free quote – we’ll do our best to give you a fair, competitive price! Also, if any of our competitors offers similar quality and a similar offer for the same functionality, but with a lower price – we’re ready to match it, just to have you as our client!

Are you a start-up?

We treat start-ups with special care and will give you a significant discount off our service if you contact us and share your business idea! Of course, you will need to comply to the definition of a start-up to apply for the discount. In any way, you should give it a shot! We have helped lots of starting businesses get off the ground – and we can help you with lots of things besides the design – SEO, marketing, etc – so don’t be shy and shoot us a message!

  • Our Small Business Website Design Package includes:
  • Website address (domain name)
  • One years high-performance web hosting
  • Custom website design
  • UNLIMITED number of web pages!
  • A contact form with spam protection
  • Five e-mail addresses
  • Basic SEO
  • Submission of your website to Google
  • Free updates for one month
  • All our websites include a CMS! (a Content Management System)
  • Prices start at £330!

Raising Business Capital For Growth Is Harder Than It Looks


Raising capital for a business might look easy at times, but it’s not. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, and it certainly is exciting. As an established business owner, you already have a leg up on the competition. You’re not a startup, as you’re looking to achieve growth for your business. Getting the capital to do so, however, can be a little tricky as mentioned. It’s in your approach, your strategies, your determination and of course your business model and plan.

The growth you have planned for your business has to make financial sense. It could be that you have an outstanding idea in some ways, but it has to be the right time and the right thing for your company. It can actually help to get insight from other investors to see what they think. What they say could help solidify your plan to move forward, or you could start rethinking things before you even begin to court other investors.

Your business goals are going to need to be very clear. Check yourself, and if you see problems, you can be rest assured that potential investors are also going to have some issues. Iron out all those kinks before you decide to move forward courting investors for capital. Do you know yet how much you’re going to ask for? You might need a grand total of a certain amount, but you can also pitch other amounts to individual investors to make them more comfortable.


Of course, you want to be honest about your plan and the cumulative amount you need to move forward with your plan. As you came up with the dollar amount you need, you certainly planned out where the money is going. However, you need to have done so meticulously when talking with investors. You need to know how you plan to allocate every penny, and it needs to be made clear.

Throughout the entire process, you might want a broker, adviser and a legal team. These are just some things to think about. There are different stages when it comes to the process for raising that capital to grow your business. You want to be prepared every step of the way.

You’re going to have to think about presentation, and you’re going to have to be prepared to deal with feedback from investors. What are the terms going to be if they do decide to help you out? You’re going to have to make a decision based on what you hear, and it would be nice if you hear from First Avenue Partners Placement Agent investors about the growth potential for your company.

Start-ups, Staff and Training

Startups Awards launched

The first ever Startups Awards has launched with the aim to find, celebrate and reward the best business startups.

The awards recognise achievement across 13 different categories, from ‘Retailer of the Year’ to ‘Micro Business of the Year’ through to the ‘Silver Fox Award’. There’s a category to suit every blossoming entrepreneur and their business.

The winners of each award will then compete to be named the Startups Awards Business the Year, collecting a £5,000 prize at the grand final lunch to be held at a top London hotel in October.

The Startups Awards has been launched by Crimson Publishing which already publishes, the UK’s largest website for people starting and running their own business.

Patricia Hewitt, secretary of state for the Department of Trade and Industry, welcomed the launch of the awards by urging small business owners to enter.

“We have some fabulous success stories in this country, of startups creating jobs, making new and exciting products and driving our economy. But too often we don’t celebrate the success of our best entrepreneurs as much as we should, which is why awards like these are so important.

“I wish all entrants the very best of luck both with the awards and with growing their businesses,” she said.

To be eligible to enter, businesses must have been trading for less than three years and employ less than 60 people.

retailer of the yearSkilled staff available at subsidised rates

London businesses can take advantage of the national STEP initiative, and take on a high-calibre undergraduate this summer to bring fresh ideas and skills to their business.

The Shell Technology Enterprise Programme (STEP) scheme runs all year round with the most common placement being eight weeks over July and August. In London the programme is delivered by Business Link for London.

STEP students can bring real benefits to the businesses that they are placed in – they frequently bring a mix of skills that their host employers do not have, as well as a fresh perspective and a desire to succeed.

STEP students are paid £175 per week, which already represents exceptional value for employers, who also have the additional bonus of not having to make National Insurance or PAYE contributions.

Shape the future of training in London

The Learning and Skills Council (LSC) is holding a forum – ‘Meeting the skills needs of small businesses’ – at Westminster Kingsway College in SW1 from 5pm to 7.30pm.

The LSC is responsible for ensuring that the skills of the people living in London meet the skills needs of business. They are looking for small businesses who have an interest in training and development to contribute to an energetic forum, where participants design the agenda, lead on the areas for discussion and then select what they consider to be the main priorities for LSC policy.

This is a chance for small businesses to shape short and long-term plans on how training and education for people living London will be provided and delivered in the future.

The guest speaker is Henry Stewart, the founder and Chief Executive of Happy (previously known as Happy Computers), a training company based in London. Although only employing 40 people, Happy has gained wide recognition for its innovative approach to management and to customer service.

The event will also provide excellent networking opportunities with like-minded business owners, and refreshments will be provided.